Unfinished Shaker Peg Rail Lengths Ready for Paint or Stain / Free Shipping

Details & Dimensions

24" / 2' length with 3 pegs - $65 each

30" length with 3 pegs - $89 each

36" / 3' length with 5 pegs - $99 each

48" / 4' length with 6 pegs - $125 each

60" / 5' length with 7 pegs - $159 each

72" / 6' length with 9 pegs - $195 each

84" / 7' length with 10 pegs - $249

96" / 8' length with 12 pegs (ships in 2 pcs) - $295

120" / 10' length with 14 pegs (ships in 2 pcs) - $385

144" / 12' length / 12' with 17 pegs (ships in 2 pcs) - $435

168" / 14' length with 20 pegs (ships in 2 pcs) - $499

192" / 16' length with 23 pegs (ships in 3 pcs) - $599

Shaker Peg Rail Quick Ships within a week of order date via Fedex

Custom Lengths, Peg spacings and complete room packages are available through quotation

Shipping Terms

Shipping rates quoted in checkout are for curbside deliveries shipped the best way

Shipments / deliveries will be brought to ground level by the driver and placed curbside, in your driveway or garage

Standard shipping rates DO NOT include carry-in or uncrating services, please contact us for a quote if this is the type of delivery that you require

If your delivery situation involves unusual conditions such as an island destination, urban location involving freight elevators, etc. or other areas not readily accessible by standard delivery vehicles please contact us for a quote

An option to pick-up orders at our workshop and showroom is available, please contact us to schedule a pick-up day and time. We will gladly help you load things up. Please bring plenty of blankets and straps to safely pack your order

Ready for your Paint or Stain, Solid Maple Shaker Peg Rail is precisely milled and finely sanded

  • Lengths of Peg Rail from 2′ long to 16′ long can be ordered on this webpage, if you are looking for Loose Shaker Pegs look HERE
  • Great for use wherever additional storage is needed, Kitchens, Baths, Bedrooms, Garages, Laundries & Pool Areas can all be improved with this quick and simple storage solution
  • Peg rail board measures 3/4″ thick x 3-3/16″ wide and has 3/8″ beads on each edge that provide a location to drive screws or nails that can be easily disguised and hidden
  • Pegs are located on the rail/board on 8″ centers.  Pegs measure 1″ in diameter at the end and project 3″ from the face of the board / Total projection from wall when installed measures 3-3/4″ which includes the rail/board and the peg.  The Shaker Pegs are securely glued and pressed into the Shaker Peg Rail
  • Shaker Peg Rails with an odd amount of pegs have a peg located in the center of the length, Shaker Peg Rails with an even amount of pegs have pegs located 4″ off the center of the length
  • Our longer lengths of Shaker Peg Rail ship in two or three pieces utilizing our clever “Field Joint”, please refer to detail images to view an example
  • Shaker Peg Rail is installed on a wall by nailing or screwing through the rail and into a supporting wall structure such as a stud.  It gets installed like baseboard or chair rail in a room, with screw or nail holes being filled and sanded before paint.  Shaker Peg Rail can also be installed using decorative screws through the face of the rail into the supporting wall structure which enables the peg rail to be easily removed
  • You can read more about the Shakers, Shaker Peg Rail and other Shaker innovations HERE

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Unfinished Shaker Peg Rail Lengths Ready for Paint or Stain / Free Shipping