Shaker Peg Rail

Shaker Peg Rail is available in lengths up to 16′ long.  Our high quality Peg Rail is finely crafted out of solid Maple wood and sanded smooth to the touch.

Peg Rail installs on a wall using the same methods as attaching baseboards, chair rail and door trim using finishing nails.  It can also be attached with screws.

Available Unfinished & ready for your paint or stain, or Pre-finished in a variety of pleasing colors.

Unfinished Shaker Peg Rail ships within 1 week of order date, please allow 3 weeks for Pre-finished orders.  We ship our Shaker Peg Rail via Fedex 

Complete Room Packages of Shaker Peg Rail are available.  From your sketch layout and measurements we can provide an order of Shaker Peg Rail for your room with pre-cut corner miters and proper peg spacings.  Please contact us if you are interested in this service.

Individual Sizes are available below…each has an option to be ordered at a custom length shorter. Shaker Peg Rail & Loose Shaker Pegs now Ship Free!