Shaker Peg Rail

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Available in various lengths

This peg rail is Maple wood - unfinished

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Peg-Rail or “Shaker-Rail” as some call it, was developed & designed by the Shakers early in our Country’s history.  In their quest for simplified perfection, the Shaker’s created an architectural element as beautiful as it is useful for storing or hanging just about anything in use in their day.  A communal society that lived together in large numbers in common dwellings, closets were few & Shaker Peg Rail was abundant.  A typical Shaker village is said to have had over 10,000 pegs in use.  Chairs were hung on Peg-Rail to get them off the floor for easier cleaning, sometimes they were hung upside down to allow passage walking under them.  Peg Rail was hung at many heights on a wall and even under window sills.

In addition to hanging chairs and other items such as brooms & whisks,  the Shakers created an array of clever pieces that could also be hung on this Peg Rail, and be moved from room to room as needed.  Hanging Shelves, Small Storage Cabinets, Clocks, Wooden Garment Hangars, Stocking-Stretchers and even Candle Sconces that could be raised and lowered to vary lighting were all expertly crafted and used on a daily basis.

Peg-Rail can be hung anywhere in a home or office.  From a short length attached to the back of a door to an entire room.  It is usually located 4″- 5″ down from the top edge of any door casings.  It is very easy to install and can be painted or stained to fit your decor


  • Peg rail is available crafted of Maple wood in various lengths
  • This section details lengths and pricing for Peg rail that is unfinished, ready for paint or stained finishes by the purchaser
  • Shipping limitations have kept our lengths available online limited, longer lengths and whole room quantities are available through quotation, please contact us if you are interested
  • Individual pegs are also available for those that wish to make their own peg rail
  • Peg rail board measures 3/4″ thick x 3-1/4″ wide and has 3/8″ beads on each edge
  • Pegs measure 1″ in diameter at the end and project 3″ from the face of the board / Total projection from wall when installed measures 3-3/4″ which includes the board and the peg
  • Pegs are spaced on 8″ centers
  • Peg rails with an odd amount of pegs have a peg placed in the center of the length, peg rails with an even amount of pegs have pegs placed 4″ off the center of the length
  • Peg rail is installed by either nailing or screwing through face of peg rail board into studs or other supporting structure
  • Pegs are permanently secured with glue and a compression fit

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Shaker Peg Rail

Peg rail length