Finely crafted Shaker furniture
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We are working hard to continue our craft and preserve our country's manufacturing base...

The furniture that is offered by our company within this website, and through the doors of our showroom in Lititz, Lancaster County Pa is entirely made by craftsmen that live, work and pay taxes in this great country of our's, The United States of America.

We are proud to offer furniture made in America. The furniture that we offer is not of the disposable variety that you will find in a typical furniture store these days...our furniture will last long after it is paid for and become heirlooms within the family of the purchaser.

Every piece of furniture that we craft is branded, signed & dated by the cabinetmakers hands that created it. When you visit our showroom you can see where our furniture is made and smell the wood that is being cut to create it.

Furniture sold by our company is made from solid wood from trees that were grown in American soil, not from sheets of particleboard from plywood factories in the Orient, or from imported species of trees that contribute to Rain Forest deforestation. If you open the doors or drawers in one of our case pieces and look at the back of the cabinet you will see finely fit, tongue & grooved boards...not very thin plastic coated flakeboard that is present in most cheaply made imported furniture. Our furniture will not fall apart when it becomes wet from damp conditions or when it is picked-up and moved. The furniture we craft is held together with fine joinery......not staples, nails, putty & glue.

Our employees are treated fairly, they work in a clean & safe environment, and they are all American taxpayers.

The products we craft are well made, and can be brought into your home without fear of contaminating your home's environment with harmful products like lead. Our furniture is crafted from domestically grown trees that have been harvested by suppliers utilizing sustainable forestry methods, in a cabinet shop that does not rely upon child labor. Our manufacturing processes are mindful of the environment, and we are exemplary stewards of the land that we operate on.

Before doing so, please think about the ramifications of buying cheap imported furniture.

Help keep our planet green, buy American made products from reputable sources that share a concern for global health.