Exquisite Set of J.Lesher 12 Button Boxes


Details & Dimensions

Stacked boxes measure approximately 24" high, top box measures 3-1/2"wide x 2-1/2"deep x 7/8"high / Bottom box measures 17-1/2"wide x 12-1/2"deep x 4-1/4"high

Price is 12 box Set as shown / In-Stock & Ready to Ship or Pick-up

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J. Lesher reproductions crafted in 2011

  • High-Quality Set made by American craftsman J.Lesher /  ready to ship or deliver…no waiting, you will receive the set shown
  • Stacked boxes measure approximately 24″ high, top box measures 3-1/2″wide x 2-1/2″deep x 7/8″high / Bottom box measures 17-1/2″wide x 12-1/2″deep x 4-1/4″high
  • Price includes 12 box set as shown
  • Email us at:  shaker@ptd.net with any shipping /delivery questions or if you would like more information or photos on this set





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Exquisite Set of J.Lesher 12 Button Boxes

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